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The KION Group has a global presence with products, services and solutions provided by its seven brand companies. The KION Group is the European market leader and the world’s second largest manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse technology, and it is one of the leading international suppliers in the sector in China. The Linde and STILL brands serve the premium segment worldwide, while Baoli focuses on the value and economy segments. Fenwick is the material-handling market leader in France, OM STILL is a market leader in Italy and Voltas is one of the two market leaders in India. Egemin Automation is one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions for logistic flows, processes and infrastructure.

But these strong foundations were not the only thing that enabled the KION Group to generate revenue of roughly €8 billion in 2018. The key factor was our workforce of more than 33,000 people, who go the extra mile for our customers every day.

We stand for sustainable, profitable growth through focusing on a clearly defined business segment.

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“We keep the World Moving”



… and what it means

The word “Kion” is taken from the language of the Massai. In the tongue of the East African warriors and nomads, “Kion(gozi)” means “Take the leadership”.

KION_chinesisch_l_image_370x134 KION in Chinese
In Chinese, KION means “Proud of the victory”.

This expresses a core principle of the KION Group: In many countries, as in all of Europe, KION is the number one – the KION Group sets its strategy according to the values of leadership, innovation and performance in order to further develop its technological and market leadership.

KION places value on the traditional strengths of material handling, with more than 100 years experience, to ensure that it continues to provide innovative logistics solutions for its customers in the future.

Our values – leadership, innovation, and performance – make us what we are.

KION Baoli (Jiangsu) Forklift Co., Ltd is the international, highly competitive material handling manufacturer for the economy segment, and a member of KION Group in Germany. The company is located in economic development zone of Jingjiang city, Jiangsu province, covering an area of 120,000 square meters, over 600 employees, and an extensive network of dealers in more than 80 countries. Baoli Forklift provides whole product range including diesel /gasoline/ LPG trucks with load capacities of 1 to 10 tonnes and

electric / warehouse trucks. The company has automated painting line, vehicle assembly line and key components production line, which provides strong base to ensure business growth. As a brand of the KION Group, our vision is to be the leading brand in economy forklift segment, combining the competitive advantages of KION operational excellence and Baoli integrated manufacturing platform, we provide reliable and practical products, as well as standardized services to the global market.


Strong brands with more than 100 years of experience

  • 1917 OM

    Foundation of OM in Brescia (Italy) for the production of cars.

  • 1920 STILL

    Hans Still founds the company STILL in Hamburg (Germany) as a repairs plant for electric motors.

  • 1929 Linde Material Handling

    Complete takeover of Güldner Motoren-Gesellschaft by Linde AG, relocation of the company HQ to Aschaffenburg (Germany).

  • 1938 Linde Material Handling

    Güldner starts to include the production of agricultural tractors in its product range.

  • 1949 STILL

    Production of STILL’s first forklift (EGS 1000)

  • 1951 OM

    Production of the first forklift with combustion engine

  • 1955 Linde Material Handling

    The continuous hydrostatic gear box is a technological innovation. It is first used in the “Güldner Hydrocar” transport vehicles.

  • 1958_HUBTRAC_Saettigung_s_image_770x432

    1960 Linde Material Handling

    The first Linde forklift truck with hydrostatic drive was unveiled at the Hanover trade fair.

  • TN_pimespocomp_s_image_770x432

    1961 OM

    Foundation of “Piccola Industria Meccanica sul Po” (PIMESPO) in Luzzara (Italy) for the production of warehouse trucks.

  • kion_history_1969_lmh_s_image_770x432

    1969 Linde Material Handling

    The production of tractors and diesel engines is completely stopped. Concentration on the growth areas of industrial trucks and hydraulics.

  • SE-Logo_s_image_770x432

    1969 STILL

    Complete changeover of production to forklift production as “SE Fahrzeugwerke GmbH” (S for STILL, E for Maschinenfabrik Esslingen)

  • R17_SE_s_image_770x432

    1973 STILL

    Takeover of STILL GmbH by Linde AG

  • 1977_R50_s_image_770x432

    1976 STILL

    Introduction of the brand name STILL

  • Baker_MH_s_image_770x432

    1977 Linde Material Handling

    Linde takes over the American manufacturer of industrial trucks Baker Material Handling Corporation in Cleveland (USA)

  • OM_Pimespo_banda_s_image_770x432

    1981 OM

    OM takes over the Italian warehouse technology manufacturer PIMESPO

  • FENWICK_s_image_770x432

    1984 Linde Material Handling

    With the purchase of the largest French forklift manufacturer, Fenwick Manutention S. A., Linde MH makes it into the international top flight of the sector.

  • kion_history_1989_still_s_image_770x432

    1989 STILL

    Takeover of the French storage technology manufacturer SAXBY

  • Lansing_s_image_770x432

    1989 Linde Material Handling

    Takeover of the British forklift manufacturer Lansing Bagnall

  • POST_LAT_EU25_comp_s_image_770x432

    1992 OM

    Takeover of OM Pimespo by Linde AG

  • kion_history_2006_ORIGINAL_s_image_770x432

    2006 KION Group

    Grouping of the three forklift brands Linde, STILL and OM under the umbrella KION Group, purchase of the KION Group by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners.

  • kion_history_2007_s_image_770x432

    2007 Linde Material Handling

    The 500,000th forklift comes off the production line at Linde Material Handling.

  • historie_baoli_s_image_770x432

    2009 KION Baoli Forklift Co., Ltd.

    A Chinese joint venture led by the KION Group is set up. The Baoli brand produces and sells trucks in the Economy Segment.

  • Voltas_MG_1461_s_image_770x432

    2011 Voltas Material Handling

    Set up of a joint venture company in India for forklift trucks and warehousing equipment. It concentrates on the Indian volume market.

  • kion_history_2012_s_image_770x432

    2012 KION Group

    Weichai Power joined as an anchor investor with a 25% stake via capital increase.

  • 2012_kion_south_america_image_770x432

    2012 KION South America

    KION South America produces for the Brazilian and South American market since November 2012 at its plant in Indaiatuba, Brazil.

  • kion_history_2013_s_image_770x432

    2013 KION Group

    KION GROUP AG is listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on 28 June.

  • kion_india_signage_image_770x432

    2013 KION India

    Voltas Material Handling was repositioned to KION India.

  • bull_bear_l_image_770x432

    2014 Conclusion on the MDAX

    KION Group joined Deutsche Börse’s MDAX on 22 September 2014.

  • 2015_kion_north_america_image_770x432

    2015 KION North America

    Linde Material Handling North America operates under the name ‘KION North America’ since January 2015. KION North America wants to gain a much stronger foothold in the United States.

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