Baoli Forklift

Baoli has received unanimous praise from domestic andforeign customers since the KB series was put into themarket in 2014. "When customers touch and feel Baoliforklift trucks, we know that is exactly what customersneed, especially leasing customers, because of its simpleoperation and reliable performance. " as Baoli Europeansales manager says.

With the increasing demand for economical forklift trucks,OM has cooperated with Baoli to provide OM brandedXD series forklifts since April, 2016, covering 1.5 tons tocompact 5 tons using the platform of Baoli KB series.

The strong collaboration with OM is built on the sharedpassion for innovation and to win the trust of customers.This success is reinforced by the number of orders, whichhas already reached 600 units as of March, 2019.


Since April 2019, STILL EMEA has started to work withBaoli and to introduce STILL brand RC42 series, withtonnage ranging from 1.5 tons to compact 5 tons, basedon Baoli platforms. The first Baoli built STILL RC42 wasdelivered to Baoli EMEA in February and tested in April.

One of the KION Group Values is Collaboration and a greatexample of this in action can be seen in the support Baolihas been given to the OM and STILL Brands. The strongcollaboration between OM, STILL EMEA, BAOLI EMEAand BAOLI China represent how our group values canadd real benefits for our customers by bringing togetherthrough Baoli a low cost but high-quality product, withOM & STILL first class sales networks and service supportfunctions.


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