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  • Poster with stand

    Poster with stand

    • Product name: Poster with stand
    • Product code: BPM001

    *    Image can be customized

    SKU: 001
  • Baoli products posters

    Baoli products posters

    • Product name: Baoli products posters
    • Product code: BPM002

    *    Image can be customized

    • Posters ONLY ( 9 pages per set)
    SKU: 002
  • Baoli notebook

    Baoli notebook

    • Product name: Baoli notebook
    • Product code: BPM003
    • Product scale: 108 pages
    SKU: 003
  • Baoli posted

    Baoli posted

    • Product name: Baoli posted
    • Product code: BPM004
    • Product scale: 100 pages
    SKU: 004
  • Baoli notes

    Baoli notes

    • Product name: Baoli notes
    • Product code: BPM005
    • Product scale: 80 pages
    SKU: 005