Long term cooperation with Chinese famous wine factory

30 / 06 / 2021
In 2012, KION Baoli has cooperated with Shanxi Fenjiu Group, providing dozens of 2T electric counterbalanced forklifts to handle the raw materials in the factory. It is said that time is an important standard to check whether the quality is excellent or not. Since handed over to Fenjiu Group, there has not been any after-sales problem. The stable quality has won the unanimous praise of Fenjiu Group and laid a solid foundation for the follow-up cooperation.

Since the first cooperation in 2012, Baoli has successively provided hundreds of forklifts for Fenjiu Group, including 2-3T electric counterbalanced forklift, new lithium battery forklift KBE20-30-li, internal combustion counterbalanced forklift KBD30, electric pallet carrier KBP15 and electric stacker ES12. No matter what kind of material handling needs our customers have, we can provide them with the right equipment and good services.

Long term cooperation can’t do without high quality and reliable products. Recently, KION Baoli has dived deep into the market, explored new market trends, investigated customer needs, seized new opportunities, and constantly provided new products to the market. In addition, the quality awareness of all staff in Baoli has been continuously improved, and the quality concept has been strictly implemented into daily work to ensure the high quality of every forklift.

Mutual trust is the foundation of long-term cooperation. KION Baoli will, as always, provides customers with newer, more complete and better material handling equipments and service.
The End
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