The new Baoli KBD70 test drive

12 / 10 / 2020
“It was a definitely a feeling of great power, maximum efficiency and driving comfort at first glance”. These are the on-the-spot sensations of those who had the opportunity to try the KBD 70 model by Baoli, a manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment operating in more than 80 countries around the world. “The new Doosan D34 engine with 85.8kW and 3409 cm3 of capacity gives the thermal truck a feeling of high power while driving, optimally managed by the KION transmission, which is able to contain its exuberance while ensuring exemplary and modular fluidity of movement – as explained Giuseppe Montefusco, Baoli’s product manager – Moreover, thanks to the EU5 standard, which complies with the most restrictive regulations linked to the emission limitations, this vehicle proves to be attentive to environmental impact and is equipped with exhaust gas purification systems that significantly reduce the emission of polluting particulates”.  “After testing it carefully, I can confirm that the KBD 70 is configured as a simple yet at the same time effective truck, an excellent representative of the Baoli brand’s values expressed in the 5-10 ton class – continues Giuseppe Montefusco – The vehicle transmits at first glance a remarkable feeling of robustness, being made up of parts entirely made of metal. These features are complemented by perfect efficiency and excellent manoeuvrability, which guarantee optimal performance in any eventuality.” “The strengths of the new KBD 70 also include, amongst others, an efficient lifting department, with excellent performance combined with good precision, as well as an extremely simple yet functional driving position – concludes the product manager. Utmost comfort while manoeuvring the truck, on the other hand, is ensured by easily accessible hydraulic levers, an ergonomic seat and excellent visibility in every direction, even through the lifting column. Finally, approaching manoeuvres at low speed are facilitated by the inching pedal, a sort of hydraulic clutch capable of progressively decoupling the engine from the transmission. Even departures and changes in direction of travel are handled smoothly. Also confirmed is the possibility, if necessary, to select a slow gear by means of a special button capable of ensuring high handling safety in sensitive environments”.
The End
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