Baoli 2016 Overseas Conference

26 / 05 / 2016
Baoli held its 2nd overseas conference of region Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa from March 21st to March 23rd in WEICHAI Power, Shan Dong Province, PRC. Totally 18 dealers, more than 50 participants joined the “family meeting”. Why in WEICHAI? WEICHAI Power became the major stakeholder of KION Group since 2012, BAOLI and WEICHAI have worked  together with strategic cooperation from 2014. BAOLI is the 1st forklift  brand  to install the WEICHAI engine. With the theme “Paving a way to the core competitiveness”, Baoli demonstrated the strategic products with core competence, including diesel forklift D series with WEICHAI engine; electric forklift with BAOLI controller, etc.; and discussed how Baoli could better support in improving the marketing and service as well.
Dealers are deeply impressed by the “testing drive” on March 21st afternoon. Baoli prepared the interesting and impressive “blind test” to 3 units diesel forklifts and 2 units electric forklifts, the forklifts are with same appearance, even same specifications, but engines/ motors are different. Dealers experienced the driving and match forklifts with engines/ motors based on the performance. The final result shows most of dealers are satisfied with forklift with WEICHAI engine and BAOLI controller.
The introduction of Baoli new website on Mar. 22nd morning also drawn much attention, dealers showed much interest in the new website and had a lively discussion towards it.
We believe the conference is a milestone for cooperation of dealers and Baoli, and would ensure success of dealers to a large scale!
The End
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