Baoli forklift in Tehran Rubber & Plastic Market

16 / 04 / 2018
In order to better introduce Baoli in Iran market, and find new customer and good achievements, Kara Machinery Arena— Baoli dealer in Iran,  attended a new exhibition “International Exhibition of Rubber & Plastic”  in Tehran on Jan 9-11thand Jan 23-26th, 2018.
It is one of the big exhibition in Rubber and Plastic field, the exhibitors were the tire manufactures, spare parts manufactures and the rubber supply chain companies. Some of  competitors attended to that exhibition too but Kara Machine Arena can sell forklift to Barez Tire company and Kavire Tire company, two of the most famous companies in Tire manufacture field.
Kara Machine Arena showedthe Baoliforklift to visitors and introducedBaoli as a qualified brand in Plastic market. Totally more than 450 visitors were attracted by Baoli booth for 2 times, and Kara had sold more than 2 units forklifts during exhibition.
The result of the exhibitions were good, Kara machinery Arena had made a good face of Baoli forklift in Tehran and Plastic industry.
The End
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