Baoli improves its electric forklift truck

23 / 03 / 2015
New Baoli forklift with two ton capacity offers improved design for easy operation and service Prague (Czech Republic), April 10th 2014 – Baoli Material Handling Europe launches its new electric forklift truck KBE20 with two tons load capacity. The four wheel truck with full AC motor and controller appears with improved design, which makes its operation as well as the service more practical. In comparison to previous models the counterbalanced weight is low, which enables a wider rear view. The steering wheel diameter is significantly reduced, so that the operator needs less effort and the steering efficiency is maximized. The KBE20 truck is equipped with a regenerative braking system, which recharges the battery when braking and in this way extends the operating time between charging. Due to the improved design of the cover, which is made out of steel, there is easy access to the battery. „The new electric truck is another step for achieving Baoli’s objective to grow in the European market, because it offers improvements for a more efficient, safe and easy operation“, says Rory Harvey-Kelly, General Manager of Baoli Material Handling Europe. “While introducing improvements to better meet the requirements of the European clients, the Baoli development team has always in mind to keep the trucks practical and reliable. In this way our European distributor and dealer network will be able to offer fast and easy service as they are used with Baoli trucks. Therefore the trucks include standard components, well known in the market.” To meet specific requirements of the customers the KBE20 truck is also available with anti-explosion and cold storage options. Key technical data:
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