Baoli sponsors the NASCAR RACE

25 / 08 / 2014
The NASCAR TOYOTA SERIES (V6) presented a grid of 11 cars to compete in the 5th date in Aguascalientes Oval last Saturday July 19. This new commitment will mark the halfway point of the season, where the difference between the top is very narrow. The NASCAR TOYOTA SERIES (V6) participants drivers completed 95 laps of the 1.4 mile oval for an hour long competition. The race was very hot inside the cabin of Stock (a high of 50 degrees was recorded), wear on the drivers and cars was really strong. In the race, the BAOLI team (BAOLI-OAM # 23) led by Gisela Ponce pilot # 23, which had a very strong impact because it is the only woman pilot serial. The NASCAR TOYOTA SERIES (V6) had a thrilling final on his visit to Aguascalientes where BAOLI-OAM # 23 team remained in the top-5 of the competition. The public response was excellent while the bleachers Oval provided an attendance of approximately 19,000 people. Also this race was televised on FOX SPORTS 3 whereby the international impact is greater and is followed by many fans to speed. So BAOLI consolidates in Mexico and is presented in such important events, all in order to position the brand in the market.
The End
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