KION Baoli 2021 dealer conference has been successfully held in Jingjiang Jinyue International Hotel

16 / 12 / 2020
KION Baoli 2021 dealer conference has been successfully held in Jingjiang Jinyue International Hotel. Three hundred guests got together, summing up the past 2020 and looking forward to the coming 2021. Fearless, Transformation, Fusion and Win-win are four main poits of the conference, representing the attitude and strategy when we face the challenging 2020 and future 2021. A football match was held this morning, though it is a freezing cold winter, our passion for exercise and competition is quite high. This football match has let Baoli and dealer members get closer.
Mr. Zhu Xudong, President of KION Baoli, delivered a welcome speech  
Mr. Daryl Lean, vice president of strategic marketing and product management of KION Asia Pacific, reviewed the development of KION 2020 and the future strategy of KION China
Mr. Xie De‘an, Senior vice president of sales and service of KION China, reviewed the sales and service of KION China in 2020, and introduced the development strategy of KION China in 2021  
Mr. Ji Dapeng, senior director of domestic sales of KION Baoli, made a detailed introduction on the sales strategy and business policy of 2021, so that the dealers could have a comprehensive understanding of the specific policies.
Mr. Jiang Zhou, after-sales marketing director of KION Baoli, introduced the service policies and main measures of KION Baoli in 2021.
Dean awarded certificate to KION authorized dealers
Mr.Ji made a interview with Baoli distinguished dealers
Mr. Wang Yudong, senior manager of Baoli R&D, introduced the product planning of Baoli
New procucts of 2021 have launched in the meeting.
AGV observation area
Outdoor prodcuts touch and feel area
Mr. Zhu Xudong made a toast at the awards dinner
The outstanding dealers of KION Baoli On 16th Dec, members of Baoli sales and operation, and Baoli dealers had a friendly football match in Jingjiang sports centre. At the same time, they also enhanced their friendship and had a deeper understanding of fearless and win-win.
Friendly football match
The End
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