Electric Counterbalance Truck

Capacity : 2.0 – 2.5 TONS (4 Wheel)
AC ELECTRIC 2.0 – 2.5 TONS (4 Wheel) Achieve the best possible energy efficiency coupled with maximum performance. By using the most advanced 3-phase AC technology as well as the hydraulic unit. Application-oriented work programs with variable travel/lift speeds will handle your transport and stacking operations with optimum energy efficiency.
  • Drive & Pump Motor

    Imported AC motor from Italian SME :
    1. Full AC for both traction and hydraulic.
    2. Alloy motor body , excellent in heat exchange.
    3. Ideal component and designed for heavy usage.

  • Electronic Controller

    Imported controller from Italian SME: 1. Reliable in performance and quicker response

  • Battery

    Bolt-on battery are convenient for maintenance

  • Operation Platform

    Multi-functional operation platform offers comfortable and enhances driving experience

  • Counter Weight

    Special curved down counter weight with lowest gravity and widest rear view among its kind

  • Hook

    UL standard hook ensures the world-class safety and durability

  • Emergency Stop Button

    Safety guaranteed when pressing the button in emergency

  • Charger

    KION standard charger with high reliability

  • Grab Handle

    Assist grip is good for different sizes of operators

  • Painting

    KION structure painting applied as standard specification to reduce sun light reflection from the smooth paint surface.

  • LED Head Lamp
  • LED Rear Light
  • Hang on Sideshift
  • Cold Storage Using
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