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Capacity : 2.0-2.5 TONS(PLATFORM)
ELECTRIC WAREHOUSE TRUCK 2.0-2.5 TONS(PLATFORM) Baoli electric pallet EP20-T is designed from the ground up to provide industry-leading tight turning radius for faster, easier pin wheeling, more work cycles and better bottom-line productivity.
  • Service friendly layout Well organized drive motor, controller and pump structure, easy for maintenance
  • ZAPI controller AC system with ZAPI controller ensuring better performance and less maintenance
  • Electronic steering system Electronic steering system improves working efficiency
  • Tiller Smooth operation of control lever with reverse stop protection switch, offering comfortable driving experience
  • Side battery Side removable battery is standard, making operation more convenient
  • Bolt-on battery Bolt-on battery easy for maintenance
  • ZAPI display Forklift status can be easily read from the display
  • Armguard & platform Armguard and platform for more convenient operation
  • Safety Four speed modes by adjustment of platform and armguard ensuring the operator’s safety when driving. 1/. Platform & Armguard open: Travel speed: 7.5km/h 2/. Platform open, armguard closed: Travel speed: 4.5km/h 3/. Platform closed, armguard closed: Travel speed: 4km/h 4/. Platform & armguard closed: Travel speed: 0km/h
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