The 1st “Happy Baoli” Family Day was hold in Baoli factory

17 / 06 / 2013
Baoli held the first “Happy Baoli” Employee family Day on July 6. The event is organized by Baoli labour union. Group board leadership and south of the labour union leaders from the local city attended the event. There were about 700 employees and their families gathered in Baoli facility, the scene is very lively and warm. Activities opened with the” forklift show”. Each department built up with square team, followed by the colorful decorated forklift. After then, Mr. chingpong Quek, the president of Baoli provided a short speech to welcome every family and introduced the content of the activity. After his enthusiastic speech, fireworks and wonderful dance performances pushed the activity to a climax. After the performance, visitors participated in the” Game Contest”. More than 10 excited games and generous gifts attracted many family participate. “this is really a good chance to share the happy time with the family, and the moment will be always remembered by us”, one of the participant stated. Family Day brought joy and surprise to every participant. It also built a bridge between enterprise and employees ‘families, which helps their families better understand the company culture and enhanced the employees passion to the company.
The End
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