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06 / 11 / 2020

KION China top management gathered at Baoli on 6th Nov for 1000th new ECB rolling off and fruit & vegetable farm opening.

This year, KION Baoli has upgraded to KION factory in an all-round way. The image, manufacturing technology, quality control, supply chain management system and other aspects have been integrated with KION elements. The production and operation also fully reflect the brand synergy concept of integration and win-win cooperation under KION China strategy.

KION Baoli quality improvement project has started since July this year, which has made some initial achievements. Today the 1000th new ECB has rolled off officially. KION China top management gathered in Baoli factory to attend the ceremony to appreciate the achievements and breakthroughs made by Baoli in the quality culture promotion project, and reward the employees who perform well in this process.

Mr.Guek Ching Pong, board member of KION group, CEO of KION Asia Pacific and America, Chairman of KION Baoli, delivered a speech

Mr. Xie De‘an, Senior vice president of sales and service of KION China, delivered a speech
Mr. Zhu Xudong, President of KION Baoli, delivered a speech In addition to the products improvement, Baoli has made much progress in the physical and mental care of employees, human and environment, and harmonious coexistence.
All members have gathered at the fruit & vegetable farm opening ceremony.
fruit & vegetable farm unveiled
CP granted volunteer certificate to Wren The concept of sustainable development has always been rooted in Baoli’s mind. Long before the establishment of the organization, we had done a lot of environmental protection and green transformation, such as gas switching steam, LED lamp replacement, VOC equipment, etc. This year the epidemic also made us understand the significance of body and mind more deeply. During the epidemic, activities are in full swing, which shows the best attitude of Baoli people in the face of difficulties.
CP and Wren planted new seedlings During this trip, KION China Top Management also came to the staff canteen to deliver delicious cake for every employee and serve for everyone.
The End
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