2021 begins and good news from EMEA coms

03 / 02 / 2021
In 2020, KION Baoli has made great progress in overseas market. Due to the coordination, shared channel and service network of overseas operation units, we have achieved double-digit growth compared with last year. In 2021, KION group readjusted the regional organization structure of EMEA and established the KION ITS EMEA, further promoting the integration and development of the group’s brands in EMEA. 2021 has just begun and we have received good news from EMEA!

South Africa

After several twists and turns, several Baoli forklifts were successfully delivered to the brick factory, one of our customers in South Africa. This is the second cooperation with the customer. He is very satisfied with the excellent configuration and strong performance of Baoli truck.

East Africa

Baoli entered the East African market in 2020, after one year of development and accumulation, Baoli has made great achievements in the East African market. Baoli forklifts can be seen in different industries, such as agriculture, automobile manufacturing enterprises, brick factories, etc.


On January 13, 2021, 100 Baoli forklifts were successfully delivered to the dealers in Switzerland. The dealer has cooperated with Baoli in 2019, and the sales and service cover the whole eastern Switzerland. After one year’s deployment and development, the sales volume in 2020 was gratifying. At the beginning of this year, another 100 Baoli forklifts came. In 2021, under the new deployment and leadership of KION ITS EMEA, we believe that Baoli and all brands of the group will work together in overseas markets to maximize their advantages and seize a broader market.
The End
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