Tree Planting Day in Baoli

12 / 03 / 2021
Spring is the beginning of the year and is the time to set up goals. Also Spring is the season for all things to sprout. China is a large agricultural country. Planting trees and flowers in Spring is our Chinese old tradition since ancient time. March 12th is the tree planting day. The first tree planting day of KION Baoli has been held as scheduled. Hundreds of Baoli employees took part in the tree planting activity. Mr. Zhu Xudong, President of KION Baoli, delivered a speech for the tree planting activity. He told us the origin and development of the tree planting day and said that environment is the basis of human survival. So afforestation is benefit to the present and the future and is the obligation of every citizen. As early as 40 years ago, the National People’s Congress made a resolution that citizens should plant 3-5 trees per year. It’s time for us to take action to add ‘new green’ to the earth. In a team of two, we cooperated with each other to complete the planting, and finally put up the name card on the saplings to commemorate each other. As recorded in Li Ji(Book of Rites),planting trees in Spring can be blessed by fortune. Let’s act now to build a green and beautiful homeland.
The End
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