Baoli—a shining star at the European film festival

06 / 09 / 2021
Baoli showed his face in the 74th Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland for the first time becoming a shining star on the field.

Locarno Film Festival is the earliest and largest International Film Festival held in Switzerland. It is also one of the oldest international film festivals in the history of the world film industry. Together with Venice, Cannes and Berlin, Locarno Film Festival is known as the “four major film festivals in Europe”, known as the “Prince of Film Festival”. Its highest award is the Golden Leopard award.

TI-CAR/SAVRE SA has been the official dealer of Baoli since 2019. The dealer has always cooperated with the builder of local activity venues. Customers rent several forklifts every year for the assembly and disassembly of various activity infrastructure.
It was a great honour for Baoli to take part in the 74th Locano Film Festival carrying the materials for the construction site of the film festival. Two types of Baoli powerful internal combustion forklifts,KBD20+ and KBD35+, provided efficient and thoughtful handling services on site and reliable support to the staff.

KION Baoli has been deeply engaged in the overseas market and cooperated with various operation units to jointly penetrate the Baoli brand, Baoli products and Baoli services into the hearts of local customers.
The End
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