YES! Baoli Export New Product Virtual Launch 2022 was successfully held

06 / 04 / 2022
On March 30th, “YES!” Baoli Export New Product Virtual Launch 2022 was successfully held. The new flagship Baoli KBE-01 was released during the launch event, and opened a new era of overseas value electric forklifts.
At the opening of launch, Chingpong Quek, President & CEO KION ITS Asia Pacific & Americas, vividly explained the deep meaning of the theme “YES”: “Y”our ideal “E”lectric truck “S”election! And he described the future of KION CHINA, invited everyone to join this fantastic “YES” journey.
Wren Zhu, VP Operation KION APAC,GM of KION Jinan & Baoli, deeply explained the brand image and product advantages of Baoli, and appreciated the strength of Baoli KBE-01.

Under the expectation of all people, Baoli KBE-01 debuted and displayed its superior performance and technology in an all-round way. Appearance is YES! The silver frame and blue body are lightweight and personal, which makes people shine。
Power is YES! Using the motor, electronic control and battery independently developed by KION, the control is more accurate, the energy consumption is more economical, the acceleration time of the whole vehicle is short, and the slope of 18% of the full load climb is easy to cope with various complex working conditions.

Experience is YES! The operation space is large, which improves the driving comfort, and is equipped with multi-functional color screen instruments, USB interfaces, etc.

Quality is YES! The Baoli KBE-01 uses German quality electrical components inside, adapts to extreme harsh environments, and adopts a newly designed gantry on the outside, with a high stability coefficient of the vehicle. Tested by the unified standard of the KION Group in Germany, the failure rate is reduced.

Service is YES! Vehicle design integrates the concept of maintenance convenience, and the disassembly time of main components is shortened by 15% as a whole.

At the launch event of Baoli, everyone also visited its Intelligent plant in Jinan online. And it will provide a strong driving force for the development of Baoli.

Baoli will work together in the domestic and foreign markets to build a brand ecology and continue to win-win and create more possibilities!  
The End
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