Baoli assists Fenjiu Group in green development

18 / 09 / 2023
As a benchmark enterprise in the Chinese liquor industry, Shanxi Fenjiu has a brewing history of over 6000 years. In the new era of green development, Baoli has been collaborating with Fenjiu Group for over 10 years.

Under the dual-carbon strategy, Fenjiu Group places great emphasis on clean production and green transportation. Baoli integrates leading technologies from KION Group to provide them with various types of electric forklifts, helping Fenjiu Group achieve a green upgrade in internal logistics.
In particular, Baoli KBE series electric vehicles use KION Group’s proprietary “motor, battery, and electronic control” system, with high compatibility that maximizes the performance of the three electrical components. Not only are they powerful, but also simple and easy to operate, making them highly favored by customers.

In the long-term cooperation with Fenjiu Group, Baoli electric forklifts have a very low failure rate. This is not only due to the rigorous German standard testing that Baoli forklifts undergo, guaranteeing their high quality, but also thanks to the professional service of Baoli.

Baoli always insists on providing reliable and practical products to create greater value for customers. In the future, Baoli will continue to provide greener and more efficient material handling solutions for Fenjiu Group and more liquor companies.
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