Your water spirit “Baoli KBP15-A” is comming !

24 / 04 / 2022
Baoli’s new generation of electric pallet trucks “Baoli KBP15-A” was put on the market, and made goods handling easier.
Impeccable quality
Hard power: Baoli KBP15-A uses the national patent fork stiffener design, which has great advantages in strength and load carrying capacity. It adopts copper core wiring harness, which has better tensile and torsional resistance and prolongs service life.
Simple operation
Soft power:Baoli KBP is equipped with a centralized joystick, as well as an intelligent display instrument of the CAN-Bus communication system, which can display the number of working hours and fault codes in real time, accurately grasp the use of the vehicle and troubleshooting. In addition, Baoli KBP15-A has an intelligent monitoring system that will automatically go to sleep if it is not used for 15 minutes, reducing energy consumption and avoiding illegal use.

Preferable configuration
More service options:Baoli KBP15-A can be equipped with optional balance wheels to increase the contact area between the forklift and the ground, ensuring bending stability even when handling ultra-wide or ultra-high cargo, suitable for more complex working conditions.
Baoli’s new upgrade electric pallet truck KBP15-A combines the product’s powerful core and a flexible appearance design to meet customer needs, and it will become a cost-effective quality choice.
The End
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