Baoli drives safety with its robust, ergonomic and compliant trucks

15 / 04 / 2021
One of the priorities for Baoli is to minimize risk when driving its powerful trucks. A vision that the company promotes with each of its robust, ergonomic and regulatory-compliant models. With each launch, Baoli helps to minimize risk, increase performance and boost productivity in warehouses. The lines of a Baoli team reaffirm that safety is essential. In them there are multiple protection mechanisms that not only protect the physical integrity of the worker, but also favor ergonomics and postural health. Baoli trucks are equipped with reliable elements that protect the driver from a possible impact, such as protective roofs and exceptionally robust chassis. Stable and robust, Baoli pays attention to all aspects of design to minimize risks. A vision that is observed in the particular way of integrating the counterweight in a position that offers safety, balance and opens the field of vision when driving in reverse.

As safety also involves minimizing the risk of injury, to achieve better ergonomics the driver’s seat is placed slightly lower. Something that allows you to get in and out of the forklifts with total comfort and avoiding overexertion. The floating cab of Baoli IC trucks makes the driving experience always pleasant, as engine vibrations and uneven terrain are absorbed. In addition, the large engine compartments make access more comfortable and safe.

In order to make it even easier for the driver, certain models – such as the Baoli KBET electric forklift – are equipped as standard with various performance levels, which can be activated via the control screen: for example, by selecting a reduced performance option, for a more delicate handling, or choosing more demanding parameters, for driving outside. Precise braking and high-grip tires help prevent energy loss, thereby boosting performance and productivity. The quality of all components is essential to avoid unexpected incidents, which is why Baoli makes sure to use engines with first-class systems that control the response of the machine with absolute precision.
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