Internal Combustion Counterbalance

Internal Combustion Counterbalance

Capacity : 1.5 – 3.5 TONS LPG
INTERNAL COMBUSTION 1.5 – 3.5 TONS LPG Baoli LPG truck is suitable for indoors and outdoors working, and even in particularly working environment demand for environmental protection and convenience for round the clock working. Liquefied petroleum gas does not overflow pollutants in the vaporization process, this can prolong engine life effectively, yet provides constant power to consistently lift, push and pull loads throughout Baoli LPG truck work shift.
  • KION Transmission

    Automatic Transmission is customerized into KION standard, durability and life-span is much extended.

  • Overhead Guard

    Shock-Resistant PC rain-proof

  • Suspension Cabin

    Removable suspension cabin for easy overhaul repairing

  • Control Box

    integrated control box providing reliable electric system and easy diagnose

  • Operation Platform

    Operator Friendly interface and fully plastic covered, if compared with CPCD series, it is 5CM larger in leg room.

  • Wide View Mast

    If compared with CPCD series, the mast distance increases from 490mm to 508mm

  • Cushion Gasket

    There are 4 rubber dampers between cabin and chassis, vibration is minimized.

  • Engine Bonnet Hinge

    External bonnet hinge is service friendly, and ensures a 90 Degree opening angle

  • Steering Column

    Adjustable steering column

  • Holes on the fender for double front tyres

    specially designed front fender with holes for an easy modification from single tyres into dual tyres

  • Down-curved Counterweight

    downward curved counterweight with lowest gravity Cetnter and widest rear view among its kind

  • Rear Grip

    Comfortable rubber rear-handrail integrated with a horn button

  • front grip quite convenient for operator to get on / off the truck

  • Combination Rear Light

    “Combined rear light as standard specification for D+, with better appearance and more functions ”

  • Large Foot Space

    large pedal making it convenient for operator to get on/off the truck

  • Structure Painting

    Structure painting technology is a KION feature, help to improve safety and is easy to touch-up;

  • Ergnomic releasing switch for foot-parking

  • Side operation lever

    European style Side Control

  • Engine bonnet insulator

    Engine bonnet insulator to further reduce noise, the noise level is in conformity with CE and UL standard

  • Electronic directional switch

    Power shift improving the operation efficiency

  • Air Filter
  • Hang On Sideshift
  • LPG Bottle Bracket
  • Flash Light
  • LED Head Lamp
  • Full Cabin
  • Smooth Painting
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