Internal Combustion Counterbalance

Internal Combustion Counterbalance

Capacity : 4.0 – 5.0 TONS LPG
INTERNAL COMBUSTION 4.0 - 5.0 TONS LPG Baoli LPG truck is suitable for indoors and outdoors working, and even in particularly working environment demand for environmental protection and convenience for round the clock working. Liquefied petroleum gas does not overflow pollutants in the vaporization process, this can prolong engine life effectively, yet provides constant power to consistently lift, push and pull loads throughout Baoli LPG truck work shift.
  • Suspension Cabin

    Removable suspension cabin for easy overhaul repairing

  • Wide View

    a very clear view for both front and upright

  • Operation Platform

    larger space with adjustable steering wheel and seat,ensuring the comfort of the operator

  • Hour Meter

    state-of-art hourmeter with multi function

  • Structure Painting

    Structure painting technology is a KION feature, help to improve safety and is easy to touch-up

  • Down-curved Counterweight

    downward curved counterweight with lowest gravity Cetnter and widest rear view among its kind

  • Air Filter
  • Hang On Sideshift
  • LPG Bottle Bracket
  • Flash Light
  • LED Head Lamp
  • Smooth Painting
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