Internal Combustion Counterbalance

Internal Combustion Counterbalance

Capacity : 4.0 – 5.0 TONS
INTERNAL COMBUSTION 4.0 – 5.0 TONS Baoli robust torque converter lift truck provides its users with consistently reliable performance and impressive productivity results — all while keeping the environment free from heavy exhaust and emissions. Find out more about Baoli trucks truly excels in heavy industrial environments under extreme conditions by contacting your local Baoli authorize dealer.
  • Suspension Cabin

    Removable suspension cabin for easy overhaul repairing

  • Wide View

    A very clean view for both front and upright

  • Down Curved Counter Weight

    Aggressively designed down curved counter weight with lowest gravity center and widest rear view among its kind

  • Operation Lever

    European style Side Control

  • Hour Meter

    State-of-art hourmeter with multi functions

  • Structure Painting

    Structure painting technology is a KION feature, help to improve safety and is easy to touch-up

  • Hang On Sideshift
  • Smooth Painting
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